Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thrilled to Get Best Of Show!Open For Business

I had not planned on painting in the Ralph Love Plein Air Competition. But, I went and painted for two mornings. There were other artists there, painting the week long. You could see plein air artists up and down Front Street, Temecula on any given morning. The light was perfect, the heat held off till midday and the passersby were congenial and interested. How fun.

We handed in all paintings on Saturday from 12 to 3. They were hung for the public to view in the convention center, downtown, Old Town, Temecula for the remainder of the weekend. It was a lovely facility.

On Sunday, I went to retrieve my two submitted paintings. Only one could be submitted to be judged.  So I picked the small one, an 8 x 10 of the store European Living. The owner of the store had been particularly friendly and the spot was lovely, with parking directly in front and the light breaking over the right back side of the building. Open for Business was its title. When I entered the convention room, I was thrilled to see a ribbon. I thought, ‘Great! I won a third!”.
The Judges awarding the Best Of Show Prize
Yup, to me!!!

As I got closer, I read the ribbon – BEST OF SHOW !!! Holy C#&p! 

I have waited a long time for that elusive award. I had resigned myself to never getting it. I had told myself that many artists went their career long never getting the Best of Show, and to be happy for anything thrown my way. A grateful heart is far more becoming than sour grapes.

The only thing I can say is that there was an over abundance of paintings of the new bridge in town, and that each one had to be compared to the next one. You can only do so much with a landmark. Originality of concept is as much a part of painting as are the actual strokes. There were some competent paintings there. But there was a commonality that ran through the most of them.
Open For Business
Part of the Municipal Collection of Temecula CA.

It was a purchase prize show; which means that my little $260 painting got me $500 and will hang in the City Hall as part of their permanent collection. My daughters who live in Temecula will be there to accept the award in my place. My granddaughter Taylor was there when it was announced. How cool for her to see her grandma win.

I have always wanted to paint Old Town Temecula. What a lovely experience. I am glad I waited.