Sunday, August 3, 2014

You Know What They Say About The Best Laid Plans

You wait for a nice spell of weather, thinking to get out and paint, and then you get an infected leg and artificial joint. So much for careful plans. All the result of a little tiny bug bite, the leg and subsequent hospital emergency room visits, and doctor visits have slowed down any outdoor painting plans that I had. But my friend Gay Scheibl called and said ”lets go paint at my  house.” She just got a new deck put on the south side of her Silver home and it even had a roof! So there would be no painting on the ground, subject to bug bites and no sunscreen. Just a lovely day of painting.
Her property is so cleaned up since the first time I saw it. They have certainly been busy. When you buy an older home you are required to spruce it up, and they have been sprucing. There are lots of outbuildings of various configurations and ages too, not to mention a deep arroyo carved out by Whiskey Creek. It’s a great place to paint.
She has an old shed, complete with old wringer washer, and that is what I painted. There was no laundry on the line, but the added in bits were necessary to explain the washer. So I put out her laundry for her (figuratively speaking). And the soil where she lives (we are separated by only ten miles) is far redder than the limestone cap we live upon. I loved the complementary play of the very green trees with the red pigmented earth.
11 x 14 oil on lined prepared board

This is “Washday”. An 11 x 14 that saved my sanity after not painting for 5 weeks. Shoot.


  1. This is beautiful, Louise. Certainly looks like our Silver City environs.

  2. Oh! Very good!! I like the wash hanging :o). gay

  3. Nice painting! I like the addition of laundry. :)