Monday, September 29, 2014

Panting in Maine

Life has been hectic since my return from a painting trip to Maine, combined with a BIG loop to visit family and friends, through Tennessee and North Carolina. I intended to paint along the way, but the rain followed me and dogged my route. Huge sheets of it. I thought Texas was having a drought?

Coupled with last minute preparations for the BRAI sponsored plein air competition and show we are having October 9th to the 12th, getting into the El Paso International Show, and the Clifton AZ  Colors of Copper Show, makes my plate just a tad bit over overflow right now. But I thought you might enjoy a few of the paintings I did in Maine. I am intuitively dialed into that palette and have to feel my way to the palette of the Southwest. Growing up under a canopy of trees makes you welcome the quiet places, shadowy and light dappled. Occasionally I have to return to refill my soul and to hear the accent that filled my ears as I grew up.

The first piece is the view to the left of the Port Clyde, Me. Lighthouse, titled “The Sentry”. I love the pines in the Northeast. They have obvious character, having survived the onslaught of numerous murderous winters. They reach for the sky and they thrive. There’s a lesson there.

The second piece is a view of a garden along Turkey Cove, an ocean inlet just outside Port Clyde and Thomaston, Me. The light filtered through the boughs, and gently teased it’s way through the branches to fall on the flowers. The house was nestled in among the trees and was totally at home surrounded by the huge pines. You could smell the ocean on the breeze. The entire experience was timeless. There was a feeling of permanence to the lovely grounds, so I call this piece “Timeless”.

Both of these pieces 8x10 were executed during a workshop with Don Demers. He is astounding. Best of all for me, was his total New England wit; slightly sarcastic, self deprecating and insightful. Loved it. It was wicked good. His ability to drill into the crux of the painting problem you are having, and gently suggest solutions was very helpful. His demos were worth the trip alone. I have at least six more pieces from that week that are not ready for viewing and one is a germ for a much larger piece to keep me busy while the winds howl here this winter. It was worth every interminable mile that I had to drive in the mugginess and rain of the Eastern part of the country. 

The sun came out to play the whole time I was on the coast. Maine sparkles in the sun, like a gem. It was a welcome to remember.