Sunday, May 20, 2012

Is EVERYTHING a series of choices?

If life is the result of choices taken or ignored, how much like life is art? Painting is a series of choices, as is sailing, building a studio and setting up a blog. You have probably noticed a change to the format of this blog. There is a reason. It is not to wake you up, I doubt this venue would do that better than a good cup of strong coffee. I had to change my template so that I could use some enhanced promotion tools. So it was on to the dynamic page and its results. I truly hope you do not find the color objectionable. On my screen it is an innocuous green, rather calming and a good foil for the landscapes. If you do object, let me know. I have already had one rather pointed remark about it. If I have others I will consider a change. 

This change thing has me scratching my head. Choices are everywhere; from the shoes we wear today, or not, to the people we decide to live our lives with and the career paths we follow. Building the studio has been like that too. The lighting was the latest set of choices. I had a rather set idea about how the lighting was to work. It required that my husband understand what I needed. Being the electrician in charge and the major muscle behind all this, he had to be on the same page as I was. He did agree to put in three skylights and after patching a small leak, his first skylights are a great success. The electrical lighting was a series of corrections, a lot like painting, actually. I had explained what I wanted, checked with him and ordered it. 
The lighting had arrived and I drew a diagram of the layout I wanted. That was the concept phase.
Lighting and Drywall Phase
What followed in the execution stage was a graphic representation of men being from Mars while women are from Venus. Because the drawing did not follow what he thought I was saying, he did what he truly thought I wanted. His choice. Sweet guy. Always trying to do what is best for me. Its laughable now. Then, not so much. But this was all before drywall, and so, easily correctable. What the studio now has is a balanced lighting situation with some very directional lighting and some ambient controllable lighting, all which can be on in sync or lit singularly. I now have the best of both worlds, with natural Northern day time lighting, and lighting that is very customizeable as my needs dictate. Add to that a great shadow box for still life, light blocking lined black window coverings and this work situation is infinitely changeable and workable. Sweet.
Drywall In, Floors being installed and Skylights Above -
Outlets for lights Above, Not yet put in
Did I mention he built me my shadow box? Its wonderful. And no, he is not out for hire. Now my choice as to what to put in it to paint. Lemons anyone?

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