Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What on Earth is That Noise?

OK, an alarm clock is not what you would call friendly, normally that is. But I have been sleeping in lately and consequently missing the delicious morning light. Add to that the time of year is where the days are the longest, and morning is coming rather early. I am missing out on my favorite time to paint. So I resolved to use my alarm and got up before the sun. It was an unholy noise this morning. I stumbled in to make coffee, washed, threw clothes on, stashed painting stuff in the car and I was off. Boy was I off. I forgot my tripod to which I attach my painting box. I didn’t realize it until I was at the bottom of the hill, after having scared off bunnies, deer and quail, parked, set the brake and jumped out. I hate this over 60 memory of mine. Does CoQ10 really help?
Back up the hill, into the studio, grab the tripod and race back down. Those deer had to think I was off my rocker. They really did look at me funny. The light was getting all pervasive and the sun was climbing quickly, so I didn’t waste any time setting up. It was going to be really hot, so I washed on the darks more like a watercolor and splashed in the hills after taking a really long hard look at what I wanted as a composition. Sorting the assemblage of shrubs and bushes was my main challenge, along with the execution of the whole painting using Ken Auster’s limited palette. (White, black, cad yellow light, alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue.) This piece is number 2 of the 5 painting challenge, and number 4 of my Wind Canyon series. Keeping in line with my  self-imposed challenges, I was also trying to keep the key of the painting light. To not use too many darks. I kept telling myself to settle on the composition and let it fly. I do sunburn easily and I hate blisters. So I was working against time.
Fried Eggs In The Morning - √Čtude #4
11x14 Oil - Available
So because I was working quickly, every neighbor I know came by, waving and stopping to visit. It’s a friendly kinda place, Wind Canyon is. But I did finish the painting. I had wanted to get the prickly poppies painted. They are known familiarly as ‘Cowboy Fried Eggs”, white with intense yolk colored centers. You can see them at the bottom left of the painting. What about the title “Fried Eggs in the Morning”???

p.s. I had to edit the √Čtude #. Apparently your memory isn't the only thing to go to the dogs as you age. You loose the ability to count too.

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