Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer In Wind Canyon

Today’s post is a morning study, down a road I had not previously explored for painting possibilities. It was early morning, before the prevailing wind set in and just about when the birds were starting their daily forays for food and nesting materials. Have I mentioned that Silver City is a birding mecca? There are supposed to be over 300 different types here. Some are raucous, some are just plain beautiful. Some are suicidal when it comes to picture windows, but that’s a different post.
This morning’s study is right off Fleming Tank Road, after a rainy night. I didn’t even have to schlepp through the bushes. I simply parked and offloaded my painting gear. Of course parking right off the road means you have to deal with passing motorists. I had no idea that this road was that well used. Thankfully all my neighbors seem to be very considerate and do not stir up any more dust that they have to while they pass me by. Many wave, and a few even stop to comment. I have been here a little over a year, and never knew I had so many nice neighbors. Here is the beginning stage of the painting.

After The Rain - Block In
11x14 Oil on Wood Board

The sky this morning had a clarity that was crisp. The grass was softer than usual, and with the advent of our monsoons, is just starting to green up a bit. It was still pretty yellow though. With the rain came this profusion of tiny, white flowers on some normally boringly green bushes. This study is not in the limited palette. I decided to give myself a break and use what I felt the piece needed. This is After The Rain.
Ater The Rain - √Čtude 6
Oil - Available
 I plan to finish the limited palette challenge with my next plein air. Hopefully. Monsoons are coming so there should be interesting skies. I am keeping my camera within arm's reach.

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