Monday, August 27, 2012

Clean Out Those Corners

OK my studio is a wreck. And it’s gonna get worse. I have a big plein air show in Las Cruces to get ready for this week. I am leaving Friday to go and set up for Saturday morning. So that means an inventory that reflects what I am taking in paintings, packing those paintings and photographing them to have a visual record. Getting the tent and grid system/hangers in the car and ready to go, remembering the duct tape and sunscreen.  How can anyone have a show and forget the duct tape? Been there.
So here is my list for prep for the show.
  • Make inventory of products going to the show 
  • Gather like materials and put them by the door of the studio to facilitate packing the SUV
  • Make list of EVERYTHING I need to bring (do not forget undies, don’t ask)
  • Paint the donation painting It’s a wee one for the Holy Cross Retreat Center where the show is – they do not take a percentage of sales, just the donation painting

So I started by moving things about which meant sweeping the odd assortment of dead gnats and flies off the floor of the studio. I suddenly stopped and bent over to spy what I thought was a dead scorpion.  Yup. Scorpion. Dead? Not quite. So the next thing I did was make a mental note to not kick off my shoes as I often do and putter around here barefoot. Into the dust bin went the dying scorpion and I said a silent prayer to please protect me from things that scurry in the night, Lord. I hate scorpions. Now what ever possessed God to make those things? Them and mosquitoes. I don’t get it.
So the bottom line is to clean out the place more often, not just when I have a show to get ready for.  That, and tell the exterminator guy how much I value his work.
Here’s the painting that I did today for the donation painting. It’s called “Let The Monsoons Begin!” Actually we almost got 2 inches of rain in the last two days, and clouds are forming for later today.
Let The Monsoons Begin!
Oil on wood panel - Donation to Holy Cross
4.5x6 inches

This showing at outdoor venues is new to me. I hope it works to get more visibility for my work. I still do not have gallery representation. Hopefully the future holds that in store. I have been approached by a few, but they are not the ones I need and want my work to be in.
I am also finishing a very recent painting that I did down in the very dry and hot SW corner of New Mexico, on a lovely tree sheltered, over one-hundred year old ranch. Who says “aren’t you lucky you get to paint all day??” Yeah, you come and pack the car.

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