Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Golden Chamisa and A Naming Contest

Its fun to try to find your painting eyeballs after you’ve been not painting for a bit. I painted again today, and at least I didn’t feel run over by a steamroller when I was done this time. I started a bit earlier, and didn’t drive very far. So getting back home was just a jaunt back up the hill.
Just as you enter our canyon 

I did decide to stretch my abilities and paint a barn and a truck. They belong to my neighbor Karen Carr and her hubby, who live down the hill from me. I don’t normally paint buildings, so I need a lot of practice doing that, just so I don’t balk. I have never painted a truck before. Luckily, it was not front and center, but behind their stock trailer, so it’s a lesser character in the painting. I let the paint dry so that I could put in their windmill. That’s a first too. And did you know they move with the direction of the wind? Talk about a fidgety model. The sky was too juicy to lay it in at one go. So I guess I could call this piece Alla Prima Plus 1. Or maybe Alla Prima con Camion. You do have to hunt the truck, it’s not in your face, even if it is a cerise colored red truck. So finish details will be on Monday, after the first paint has ‘tacked up’ a bit and I can lay more on without bringing the first layer up. I’ll post it then.
The whole idea came from the fact that the chamisa (or rabbitbrush if you are an Anglo) is blooming all along Fleming Tank Road and Wind Canyon Drive. The whole valley is rimmed in gold tipped flowers, supported by bluish green rangy bushes. They lay besides the roads, waving their brightly colored blooms as we drive on by. But by Karen’s place, there is a little vale and dell and a rise with their drive and more chamisa flowering in its bright fall dress. So the chamisa framed their little ranchito as if it were a painting in a golden frame, just needing hanging. Figuring that this could be one of those lessons hard learned, I decided to go for the barn, trailer and truck and well as their drive. After all, conquest goes to the brave. It’s a lovely setting, and I can see why they enjoy the place so much. 
Needs a Title
11x14 oil on board

The quail who are residents at that level, were very vocal in clucking their disapproval of me being there. I got scolded by woodpeckers and ravens alike. No hawks today…they must have been busy elsewhere. But knowing they were around heartened me that the local sidewinders were not out this morning. Its when it gets real quiet that I get nervous, and start scanning the ground every few minutes.
Chamisa is also called RabbitBrush. So does the title need to be something like Rabbitbrush Roadway, or Chamisa Chalet, or Yaller Brush Season?? Its gotta be something……no ideas here. Suggestions, anyone? Give the title that we use, and I will send you a print of the finished painting. So suggest in the comments and leave a way for me to contact you. Winner to be picked by my impartial husband, in one months’ time. November 22, 2013.

Favorite quote for today:
The artist that paints every tiny little detail is an artist with nothing better to do. (Sam Adoquei


  1. I've got it added to the list. Good luck.

  2. How about Yaller Rabbit! Beautiful Louise!

  3. Thanks for the entries, to all of you who did enter. Dick had a puckered brow for some time as he tried to find the right title. I am pleased to announce that "Serenity Valley" by Sharon Gillespie-Dickerson, of Gladewater Texas, won the contest. She has been notified and will receive the print before Christmas. Congratulations Sharon!