Thursday, March 28, 2013

Experiments Lead To New Treasures

Sometimes you need to stretch, stop, think and regroup. I did a pastel piece two weeks ago and hated the results. It had some nice areas, but also had a major compositional flaw. Would you believe it sold? I was ready to cut it up into smaller pieces and make two not-objectionable pieces out of it, but somebody saw it and wanted it. So now it has been shipped and hopefully she will be happy.
I am happy for the lesson it taught me.
Why am I writing about this? Well it was the subject of my last missive on “I want an undo button on my easel” post. I am rebuilding on the good parts of that piece. I have repositioned the elements, and still as it progresses, I am still moving things about. I also am using a support that allows more blending and less skin sacrificing, being far less abrasive. 
I am much happier. It is coming along much better.
WIP (Work In Progress)
Tulips and Peonies
Pastel 15x18

The colors are more reflective of my own preferences. You see the earlier piece was an experiment in many ways. Experiments are good. The make you learn as you go. I learned that I really, really like PastelMat paper.  Wallis not so much.  PastelMat allows much rework and erasing with a chamois. It doesn’t get back to white, but it does release the top layers quite well and affords much layering of the pigment. The sharp lines stay sharp and detail remains. Yup, this paper is a definite home run for me. I have not tried underpainting with it yet. And if it accepts that well, I may well have found a new support, as La Carte is so humidity reactive. Believe me, It would take a lot to tear me away from my La Carte.

So yes I sacrificed a piece, (it still sold, imagine!) but I found a new support. Experiments do lead to learning a lot and growing. No artist worth his/her salt ever got to where they are without it.

Favorite quote of the day;
Life may not be the party that we hoped for…
But while we’re here, we should dance.
-~Author Unknown

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