Friday, November 14, 2014

Settling for Fewer Plein Air Paintings

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Fall is the best time to go out and see the colors in nature before winter settles in. Late summer is what I had to settle for this year. August was as far as I got.

To not belabor the facts, I started with a leg infection in June, it went to my artificial knee and I ended up only having one knee after the surgeon plucked out the offending joint, mid October. There went my plein air painting for the better part of the summer and into winter. Can you say envious???

But I did manage to get to Maine to paint about nine paintings, some of which are still awaiting finishing details and slight attention in the studio. This painting is one that was done totally onsite, so very early in the morning, that the pink was still in the sky. It made it into the Randy Higbee 6 inch squared show in Costa Mesa. Some day I am going to go and actually see one of my paintings hanging alongside some people whose work I greatly admire. This entire show is populated by pieces no larger than 6x6 inches. Its a big show made up of teeny tiny paintings. 

So if you get the chance to stop by and take a peek, its on Kalmus Street, Costa Mesa, and will run from Dec 6th through the month.

Here is my little painting "Dawn, Port Clyde Me."

Dawn, Port Clyde Me.
6x6 oil
Currently showing at the Randy Higbee Gallery, Costa Mesa, December 2014
Plein Air pieces may be sparse from me for a bit.......there's a new knee that's gonna be under the Christmas tree this year. About time!