Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Painting, New Title

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Sometimes the titles of my paintings elude me, like a tiny flower under leaves along a forest path. Would that they were more forthcoming.

Take this painting of a Pinos Altos house allowed to go to ruin. I do not know if anyone owns It. Clearly nobody is currently tending it. It looks as though someone once took pains building a rock wall that is now with overgrown weeds and grasses. The rock wall looks like it will outlast the wooden building. But the house had windows that were nice and large at a time when transporting them was costly and probably pretty precarious. It was probably fairly snug for a house of its time. 

I hesitated to get into those tall grasses as I really do not like snaky surprises. So I painted her from the road.

Not too many people were about in Pinos Altos that morning. There was a honey truck, one person walking her dog and someone who must have been late for work. Most everyone took long looks at the weird painter under the blue umbrella. But nobody interrupted.

I called this painting Pinos Altos Dowager, mostly because she seemed to have seen better days. I can relate. But upon reflection, she might have been better named "Keeping Secrets", the way the entrance was so overgrown, with fallen down tree branches. Is she hiding something, or simply keeping close a time that was happier and more promising?

Keeping Secrets, or, Pinos Altos Dowager?


  1. NICE painting, Louise! I vote for "Keeping Secrets." I like how you've handled the tree and fallen limb in front, barring us from entering, and the color of the walls and roof, inviting us to look closer, and the fade out of the back ground, creating an interplay of present/past, here/there, in focus/out of focus. Very well done!

  2. Looks like it keeps secrets to me and maybe ghosts! Is it haunted? Like! We are headed toward Las Cruces today to get our camper serviced and stop off home for a bit! Maybe we can Plein Air sometime during the time here? Keep up the good works!

  3. Louise, This is one of the most beautiful and emotional paintings thst I have seen of yours!

  4. I love the word 'dowager', but I like secrets, too. My vote goes for "Keeping Secrets (Dowager)". I commiserate with the titling of works.
    By the way, you're damned good at capturing colors that are barely there. I'm simultaneously impressed and a little intimidated.

  5. Love "this old house". I am jealous. Pat Guthrie

  6. I had to rewrite this post. Blogger was on crack the day I posted. Honestly. I had thought to simply take it down, but it seems to have struck a non-Kinkade chord. For which I am thankful.