Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Filling Time With Happy Pursuits

How is it that I am retired, but have less time than before? I do have good intentions, but they say that the road to (insert your less than favorite place here) is paved with them.

I did take part in the first of my plein air competitions this year. The results were not so bad.
I won the purchase prize for an 8x10 painting of the Blues Festival, here in Silver. Its title is "Just a Sittin and A Waitin", of two over 60 blues enthusiasts waiting for the festivities to begin, seated in the shade and enjoying each other's company. Blues Festival on Memorial Day features more exposed freckled skin than you have ever seen since 1962 in the form of blues aficionados, and some pretty good live music. The place does have talent.
During this festival we had the second in what people are hoping becomes an annual event, in our plein air community. 

Winning the purchase prize means I came home with money and left the painting for them to display or dispose of as they see fit. After all the hoopla was done it occurred to me that I never took a photo of it. Oh well....

But I did take a photo of the second of my paintings to win an award. This one for Artwork of distinction. I titled it "Silver City Women's Club" (a definite nod to my less than stellar titling skills). I should have called it Casa Blanca, as suggested by my good friend Carol, or Casa Azul. This building is one that has captured my attention every time I ever went past it. it's just downright pretty in a territorial kind of way. It features lots of  blocky modules, and a very nice play of light across its face early in the morning. Even better was my vantage point in front of the Chile Bowl Restaurant across the street. Safe, off the main thoroughfare, shady and pretty darned private. And I had the blessing of the manager. Important, that.

Here is SCWomen's Club, or should I change it to Casa Blanca, or Casa Azul?

Silver City Women's Club
11x14 oil on panel

If you would like this painting, go to my website to purchase.

Monet "Creativity takes courage".

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