Friday, September 14, 2012


Do you remember the old ketchup commercial where the closeup of the product slowly creeping out of the bottle was accompanied by the song "Anticipation"? I wanted so much to pop that bottle in the butt and force that stuff out. Life was a rushed deal in those days for me. Time was limited, structured and finite. I couldn't, wouldn't waste it. Its been years now since I have felt like that. Love retirement.

But I am remembering that commercial this week, anticipating my workshop with Don Demers this next week, just south of Denver at Art in the Aspens. Finally. I tried to get there last year. It didn't work and I didn't get to go. That was a disappointment. His work is extraordinary, gorgeous stuff. I intend to pick his brain. I am bringing my brain picking fairy with me. I need one as my memory sucks as I get older. Hers is better. Aided by a notebook and copious notes and a lot of photos, I am hoping a lot of it sticks.

This workshop is out in the middle of nowhere USA. So I am taking half the studio with me. This is a picture of the car packed with just my art stuff. I haven't even thought of clothes yet. The important stuff goes in first, right? Oh did I mention I have an opening tonight? Yeah, here in town. I  have 4 paintings in it. New crowd of people, new faces. Should be fun. Who says retirement is dull?

The weather channel says possible snow in the mountains of Southern Colorado this weekend. So I am bringing the warm snuggies. Hubby too. Can't forget the fingerless gloves and coffee thermos. I understand Donald is a task master working his students very early and very late. I sure hope to have some new and much better paintings to show you when I return. And the snow can be a new challenge too. Especially for someone who has spent the majority of the last 35 years in Southern California. Golden Aspens, that's the ticket. I am packing a couple of yellows in my box, leaving the ketchup at home.

Does anyone know how to get a jingle out of your head? Anticipation, anticpa a  tion........
Wow that's going to be one long ride if I can't get it out.

Fav quote:

Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.      ~ John Quincy Adams                                                

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