Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LOKI Is Alive And Well And Living In Colorado

Loki is the Viking god of mischief. I thought he was dead, gone - kaput.
More the fool was I.

On Saturday, ten days ago, hubby and I had set out for Westcliff Colorado, via a stopover in Denver to visit family. The occasion was a long awaited workshop in the Rockies taught by a renown painter in a to die for location. I almost did.

Hubby was on his motorcycle and I drove my car full of art supplies and high hopes. We hadn't been on the road but a few hours when i started to fell quite sick. It continued and did not abate through the weekend. On we drove, and arrived in Denver on Sunday. On Monday morning I painted with my cousin in El Dorado Canyon, just outside of Denver, all the while thinking how lousy I was painting and what the heck was the matter with me.
Me, painting in El Dorado Canyon during my appendicitis attack, about 3 hours before surgery.

After almost passing out, I asked my cousin to find me an urgent care. The urgent care doctor sent me to an ER.  From the time I walked into the hospital until they wheeled me into surgery less than an hour and a half had passed. I missed my workshop. But I am here. I will paint again.

Now I ask you - what person wants to mark their 65th birthday with an emergency surgery for a perforated appendix? I think that despite Loki's best efforts, my guardian angel was definitely on overtime, guiding me to an absolutely wonderful hospital, a great surgeon and caring hospital staff. But most of all, I had a loving husband, the voice of sanity, who insisted that I be quiet and listen to the doctor with whom I was arguing, (cause who EVER heard of a grandmother of 4 needing an emergency appendectomy?) to go read the results again cause he HAD TO BE WRONG.   DARN.   He wasn't. 

Frankly the Vikings can keep their gods.

Pretty apt quote: 
"Life is what happens while you are making other plans." 
- John Lennon

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