Tuesday, December 4, 2012

From Life - Inside

I have been in the studio preparing for its Grand Opening which I will tell you about later.

I have never been able to be in the studio without picking up a brush and starting to paint, even when I am supposed to be moving things about, clearing and cleaning. It did get done, but not until I had set up and started a painting with a great find form my friend Holly's house. Amazing how artists who do still life work peruse their friend's houses always hunting for that unique item to use as a prop.

Fall always gets me in a mood to think about those that came before us, the tools they used and their every day lives. The old butter churn that is central to this piece and the old lamp are two really evocative pieces, to me. Even though Holly owns the churn I begged to borrow it form her and she allowed me to use it. The construction of it is not super old, but how many people do you know who own one?
Set up for Fall Bounty
So before I even was aware, I was setting up the above still life. I love white pumpkins and may have to use them again in another piece before they get yucky. And yes that is a technical term.
Item placement for Fall Bounty
This is how I began this painting, making sure all the elements would fit the 16x20 format.
I have painted the lamp before and was not satisfied with the job I had done and wanted another crack at it.  I was sitting when I painted it so the perspective was a tad different than the photo's. The pumpkins and squash were larger.
Block In for major items in Fall Bounty
This is how I developed the background and major elements. Love those white pumpkins. I had not decided how to tie the right side into the whole yet. It felt empty on the right, and I was puzzling this out as I worked - what did I want there?
Fall Bounty - 16 x 20
Oil Available
Contact me if interested
Indian corn was the answer. A vegetable that was definitely a fall harvest item. I particularly like the lamp. I did a better job on that than I had in the other painting. And the central apple is a good paint application. My painter friend Deb thinks the orange pumpkin is to die for. Isn't it funny how nobody mentions the white pumpkins??

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