Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Noting the changing seasons

It’s trying to winter up here in southern New Mexico. We have had several mornings of lower than 20 degrees. The land is trying to go to sleep. Most of the color is draining from the plants, but the skies are really interesting. From the HUGE moon we had to the cloud banks and somewhat grey dawns, we are experiencing a change. Even the birds looked cold.
Wind Canyon still has the most engaging play of light across the paling grasses and dusty roads. We had one morning of low valley fog that made the mountain tops look like islands in a sea. But the skies are really noticeable lately. The colors can be intense.

December Morning 11x14
Wind Canyon Etude #10
Oil on prepared board - Available 

One of these chilly mornings, when the sun was putting up a valiant fight to overcome a cloud bank, I grabbed my paints and tried very hard to record the amazing colors. It was a dance between the strong light and the dark sky. Nobody was up walking the canyon, and I saw no one except for those headed to work. It was too cold for anyone to be out unless they had animals to care for. All except for that crazy painter who lives on top of the hill. Did I tell you how my uncle once told me I couldn’t be a painter because everybody knew that they were all crazy? I keep trying to prove to him that I qualify. It was cold out there, and I may have to start wearing extra layers…….TMI.

I have painted this scene before, and I included the truck and wind mill when I last painted it. It was too cold for that nonsense this morning. I got the essentials and think I caught the interplay between both the sun and that threatening front. Today it was a try at getting the values and the color intensity right.
This one is called December Morning. 


  1. Start ordering your thermals now Louise! It's going to be a long winter.......

    1. Yes ma'am. The thermals are laundered and in the ready, just waiting for that wondrous morning sky to kick in. Amazing how fast the sky changes out here.